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Closer Look At Sherman's Comprehensive Plan


Mapping out the future of Sherman - City leaders met Monday night to sign off on the comprehensive plan. This is the document city leaders will use for the next 20 years to plan housing developments, businesses, roads, city services and much more. KTEN's Katy Blakey has an closer look report.

"Everything in this plan will affect the people of Sherman," said George Olson, Sherman's City Manager.

It's a hefty document with a specific purpose. The comprehensive plan breaks down the big picture: how to prepare for population growth and improve the quality of life.

"It is the most important document a municipal government can have."

If the city continues to grow at the rate it is now by 2030 more than 50,000 residents will call Sherman home - meaning new roads, schools, parks and fire stations.

"It allows us not to scatter shoot."

While also laying out goals for the city, like improving the drainage system.

"What we're going to do is identify some areas that need improvements and some culvert repairs that need fixing and to do some basin studies on what improvements need to be made to the drainage areas."

The plan isn't solely focused on development opportunities west of town, but looks at how to rejuvenate downtown and reinforce Sherman's small town charm.

"Quality of life for the city of Sherman is key."

Already one goal of the plan is being implemented - improving city parks. Pecan Grove is undergoing a $2.4 million upgrading by adding large picnic areas, walking and biking trails and an amphitheater.

It's an expensive undertaking, but a small piece of a much larger plan.

"It lets residents, businesses, developers know this is how Sherman's growing and this is where they're going."

To view the comprehensive plan follow this link:

Katy Blakey, KTEN News