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A Taco Bus Becomes The American Dream


Remember when you were in school and bus driver's always said "no eating on the bus?" Well, there's a bus in Denison that is all about cooking and serving. It's a taco bus and already, their looking to expand. Deeda Payton was out there today and has more on how it all began.

It all started with a man, a school bus and dream. Now, he's living the American dream with an innovative Mexican restaurant.

With tacos costing a dollar-fifty and grande burritos costing six-bucks, this authentic Mexican restaurant off highway 691 in Denison proves you can make a business out of anything, even a bus. "Everybody say who has this idea of making business on one big bus and I tell them I had the idea a long, long time ago when I was a kid. I came, practiced and I made it."

Martin Carpio started his business about 14 years ago in Houston. Originally, from Mexico, Carpio dreamed of owning his very own restaurant in America. Now, he and his wife, who was born in Honduras, own and operate "Taco Hondumex." "I have the American dream right now you know."

More than 150 meals are cranked out of the bus every day, he says, and customers just can't seem to get enough. "It's always been fast and cheap and it's the best Mexican food I've found here." "I love his Pico de Gallo it's fresh everyday he makes everything fresh...it's really good."

Robert Black isn't just a customer, though, he's the owner of the liquor store next door and Carpio's landlord, so to speak. "Do you give him a deal? oh sure!"

And, Taco Hondumex plans to expand. "I have another permit not for Mexican food, but the Mexican snow cones a little different than the American snow cone I use 100% fruit you know what I mean."

As for advice for his fellow immigrants, Carpio says all you have to do is try. "The first thing is hard but when you start rolling it's easy. You can make it, you can make it, I'm sure.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.