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Storms Knock Out Power


It was a loud morning as storms rushed through Texoma this morning knocking out power in both Texas and Oklahoma.  This morning we received reports of down power lines in Ardmore.  

According to the OG&E, more than 500 residents in Ardmore were without power this morning and this afternoon, 217 residents are still without power.  Officials say a transformer blew in the 1300 block of MCLish and in the 500 block of North West E Street, a tree fell on power lines.

Ardmore was not the only place without power this morning, parts of Denison also had a brief black out around 2:20 a.m. when a tree fell over power lines off Highland Drive in Denison.  The power company took care of the issue early this morning and were able to restore power within 30 minutes.

The storms also overpowered the large American Bank of Texas sign in Denison, causing it to crash to the ground around 2:30 this morning.   

Christina Lusby, Reports.