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WNJ Officials Talk About Hospitals Future


Wilson N. Jones hospital made a big announcement Thursday afternoon. They've signed a letter of intent with Texas Health Resources and Legacy Hospital Partners, Inc.

WNJ officials say this is very exciting news for them and the community. It marks a new chapter in the hospital's history.

WNJ reported just a few weeks ago they were looking for a partner to weather the tough economic times. The details must still be finalized within the next few months but if all goes well, officials say Texas Health Resources (THR) will absorb all of Wilson N. Jones' debt.

WNJ President and CEO, Patrick Flynn, says employees should not be worried about their jobs or their pay. The potential partner is expected to keep all employees in good standing.

As for patients he doesn't foresee any problems. If anything, he says the hospital will be able to extend services and possibly insurance carriers because THR is a larger network.

"This joint venture that we're becoming a part of will ensure that we're part of a bigger system," said Flynn. "We'll access to capital. Be able to invest in our campus and be committed to bring programs here and build programs here. So it's very good news for our patients and our employees and for our community for the long term."

There is a 90 day due diligence process. This is where all the companies involved will check each other out and hammer out all the details, so acquisition of WNJ won't happen until the first of November if everything is approved.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News