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McDonald's McCafe Sparks Change


The golden arches are looking a little different these days the McCafe's have begun stirring up renovations in the restaurant chain switching McDonald's style from grab-and-go fast food to asking its customers to sit down and stay awhile.

Over 90% of McDonalds stores across the United States have implemented the McCafe specialty coffees.  Already 14,000 stores have been renovated recreating the insides, adding TVs and premium coffee machines.  Some stores have invested upwards of $100,000 in their store.   McDonalds says their premium roast coffee was such a success, they decided to add specialty coffees to their menu. 

As consumer interest grows so does the chain's investments and it has sparked a new partnership between McDonald's and the dairy industry.  Already the McDonalds stores are using 6 to 12 gallons of milk daily and the number is expected to grow.  The partnership is even helping the local economy.  Teresa Wagner, a member of the National Dairy Association says, "Our processors are located in Dallas so people, local farmers send their milk to the processors and it not only helps the local here but all the state of Texas".

The specialty coffee mix of  80% percent milk, premium roast coffee beans, and a touch of sweet syrup are proving to be a big hit.  It's even encouraging customers to come, sit and stay awhile.

If you want to try a specialty coffee for free you can stop by McDonalds on Mondays for a free 7- ounce hot McCafe or a cold 8-ounce McCafe.  The promotion runs from July 13 through August 3, 2009.

Christina Lusby, Reports.