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Back-to-School on a Budget


Now talking your money and back to school on a budget. Believe it or not, in just one month, local kids will start heading back to class. That means school supplies and parents know they can add up. Deeda Payton has a breakdown of some of the numbers.

School supplies, there is a different list for every school and every grade level, but they all have two things in common, they are long and expensive! "Grayson and Fannin county, it averages between $35 and $85 per child."

And, many have very specific requests. We decided to use one list as an example. We grabbed Sherman's Neblett Elementary list for kindergartners. On it, everything from the pencil and paper to a  backpack, but not just any backpack. It can't have wheels and must be able to fit a binder inside.

Office Depot helped us out by using the school supplies list as a shopping list and compiled all but one of the 22 required items. Office Depot doesn't sell towels. But, we grabbed folders, crayons, glue and even tissues. The grand total $100.49. That's for one kindergartner in Sherman to go back-to-school.

Now the good news, there are school supply drives in our area that can help. Both Knight family Chiropractic in Denison and the Texoma Council of Governments in Sherman sponsor an annual drive that donates school supplies directly to the children or the schools. "If a child needs a supply or they're short something the teacher can just go pull the supplies and give them to the kid without any embarrasement or anything."

TCOG's drive benefits children who are in their family self sufficiency program, a program that helps local families get off welfare. The program director says their drive not only gets these kids the necessary items to participate in class, but also boosts their self esteem. "They're more excited for the school year."

Another way to save money while getting your kids ready for school is to shop during the sales tax holiday. In Texas this year, many school supplies are tax exempt. If we had shopped for school supplies between August 21st and the 23rd we could have saved $7.66.
School supplies are not on the list of tax exempt items for oklahoma's sales tax weekend.

To view your child's list of school supplies visit the school's website: