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Low Income Housing Coming to Ardmore


This week, city officials broke ground for a new low income senior housing apartment complex on the east side of Ardmore.  The big five was awarded a $1.2-million grant for a new housing project.     

The Dunbar Heritage Apartments will be built right behind the Dunbar Heritage Center.     

The address for the new apartments will actually be 27 Burton Street.     

John Thompson, a Big Five Board member, tells us they deliver meals to many of these seniors and noticed that the seniors needed something easier to maintain than a home and something more affordable.     

This will be senior housing and there are requirements.    

Thompson says, "Well you have to be 60 years of age of course meet the income requirements.  Those are federal guidelines."

For a family of 1 or 2 you can't make more than about $20,000.     

There will be 14 one bedroom apartments in the complex.     

HUD will subsidize rent depending on their income.     

Thompson estimates construction to be completed next April.