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Campers Enjoy Peace & Quiet After Busy Weekend


After a packed 4th of July holiday on Lake Texoma, who cleans up what's left? KTEN's Katy Blakey has more. 

"It was great having everyone here, even greater to see them go," said Gayland Scott, who's family spent the weekend camping at East Burns Run.

The beaches of Lake Texoma are now calm and quiet, except for a few folks who made a point of avoiding the holiday crowds. The Scott family comes every 4th of July weekend and then remains for an entire week after the holiday.

"Now we have a little peace and quiet."

Left behind with the vacation stragglers are a few clumps of trash - cigarette butts, forgotten goggles, even a check-book washed up on the shore.

"They take pretty good care of stuff around here," said Scott. "There's not a mess left by most people."

What is left will be picked up by park cleanup crews or dug up by treasure hunters. One Durant man spent the morning hours combing the shores looking for loose change. His biggest find was an antique coin and a necklace.

"We had a very, very busy weekend," said Park Ranger Grady Dobbs. "In all things went well."

Park rangers logged dozens of hours on the water. One of their biggest problems were fireworks. Illegal on CORPS property, lake-goers went to Cartwright where city officials allowed folks to shoot them off. Trash now litters the roadways.

Park rangers say after busy weekends they often find lost car keys and men's wallets. If you did leave something at the lake, call the CORPS main office in Denison at 903-465-4990.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News