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Free Summer Camp Offers Relief for Sherman Parents


There's still time to register your kids if your interested. The camp will be back in full swing Tuesday, July 7th and the week of July 13th!

Whether it's golf, or basketball, kids are playing at Sherman High School for free!     

8-year-old Peyton Reed says, "I'm glad that they found out they were having this camp so that I could come and have fun here."      

12-year-old Maranda Kahl says, "It's really fun because you get a chance to do things right, and you get a chance to play with friends."      

10-year-old Jemyri Hull says, "We play games and stuff like that."         

Since 2005, Sherman ISD approved setting up a free activities program. This year it runs from early June to mid July. Parents say it's a relief.     

Matt Cassemberry, who is also a coach at the middle school, says, "Most camps run $100 to $150, and these kids get to come and get technique and education and don't have to pay for it."    

Sherry Crosby says it's the first time she enrolled her son in the program. "They give them something to do during the summer and it's free. I just went on the Internet and found this program."     

Amy Strange enrolled both her kids. "It's been a real big help this year especially with me being out of work."      

Coaches involved with the program says it's an opportunity to give back.       

Girls' Head Basketball Coach, Allen Pope, says, "I think the parents really like dropping them off and picking them right back up, and they've spent some energy."      

Royce Sletcha, Offensive Coordinator, says "Certainly with golf today they may not be exposed to that easily with he expense of golf."     

If your interested in enrolling your child, just pass by the Sherman High School Athletic Office. The week of July 13th girls will get a chance to learn golf, and boys will hit the basketball courts.     

Camp starts at 8:30 a.m. wrapps up by 11:30 a.m. Children must live in Sherman and be entering grades 3 through 9.

You can call Beverly Duke, Athletic Secretary, at (903) 891-6453 or (903) 891-6454. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of camps to register.

Vanessa Bolano, KTEN News.