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Texas Boosts Lake Patrol, Part of "No Refusal" Weekend


If you chose to drink this weekend remember the "No refusal" rule on the road and the water. KTEN's Katy Blakey has more with what's happening on Lake Texoma.

The turn to Highport is one of the last places to fill up the tank and the cooler.

"We're heading out looking to have fun and hang out with friends," said Jamie Lovejoy, who's heading to the lake for the weekend.

For many a good time means drinking on the boat or docking at a watering hole. But too much fun on the lake could land you in a make-shift holding cell.

"If you're on the lake this weekend there's a good chance you're going to see one of us," said Jim Ballard, a Texas Game Warden.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife is one agency cracking down on drunk boat operators. Get caught and expect the same consequences of a DWI. This weekend refusing a breathalyzer isn't an option.

"You're going to get a blood or a breath test whether you like it or not, " said Ballard.

The "no refusal" policy is somewhat new to the lake. Strict enforcement is being contributed to the drop in number of arrests made. Proof boaters are learning.

"We got our designated boat driver," said Lovejoy. "He's going to take care of us this weekend."

"Our intention isn't to make you mad," said Ballard. "It's just to keep you save and make sure no one drowns or gets killed this weekend."

Katy Blakey, KTEN News