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Prevent Wildfires, Practice Fireworks Safety


Deeda Payton has a few last minute reminders to make sure you stay out of the emergency room.  

Fires can spread quickly in the summer months because of the dry vegetation. All it would take is one spark from a firework, grill or cigarette to start a devastating wildfire.

The Sherman Fire Department advises people to find a safe place to shoot off fireworks, away from brush and grass. "Open fields, hard surface areas, things like that where there is no grass or anything that would burn.>"

Here are some tips to keep in mind this weekend:
     Fireworks should only be used under adult supervision, away from trees, grass and structures.
     Keep a water hose, bucket of water or wet towels nearby to stop small fires.
     And, do not shoot fireworks next to a grill or near people smoking cigarettes.

Remember it is illegal to shoot of fireworks in the city limits of Denison, Sherman, Ada and Ardmore.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.