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Keeping Holiday Leftovers Safe


The 4th of July is always a fun filled holiday.  Giving you plenty of time to spend time with family and friends and grill out. 

Many will be warming up this Saturday's B-B-Q throughout Sunday and Monday, but if Saturday's cookout ends up a mid-week lunch, it could cause health problems.  This is because the longer your food is in the refrigerator, the more access bacteria has to your meal. 

So once it's cooked how long can it stay? "Max 3 to 5 days," says registered Dietician Tori Parks.

Bacteria thrive most in moist warm temperatures.  That's why you want to keep leftover's somewhere below 40 degrees.  The biggest problem most people have with leftovers is they never know when to toss them out. 

"45 degrees to 100 degrees those are hazard levels, so if you have food in those temperatures for more than 2 hours your really putting yourself in danger", says Parks.  Bacteria do not stop growing in the refrigerator.  The cold temperatures just slow down bacteria's growth. 

But before you get nervous, most people with a healthy immune system are able to fight off most bacteria.

Now with the B-B-Q's going on this 4th of July, there will be a ton of left overs and experts say to make sure you don't leave the food out past two hours.  And when storing the food, use a shallow dish to make sure it is fresh the next time you decide to take a bite.

Christina Lusby, Reports.