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Downtown Denison Struggles to Keep Businesses in Business


The face of downtown Denison has changed over the years with new businesses coming in and old businesses moving out. Now, that turnover seems to be picking up. Deeda Payton reports on what the future could hold for one of the areas most historic downtown's.

In the 1950's, downtown Denison was a bustling marketplace, but over the decades business started to fade. So for the last few years, the city has tried to pump new life into the downtown area. "I think the trend will turn and we'll be a bustling city very soon."

But, when the economy took a turn for the worst, many businesses couldn't keep up."We've noticed more business leaving the last couple of years Crouch Furniture, Apple Furniture they actually filed for bankruptcy."

Country Java has been on Main Street for four years and says business is good. They attribute much of their success to their regular customers and drive-thru wndow, which helps them compete with big fast-food chains.

Some businesses, though, are finding it difficult to gain an advantage over big name retailers. "I think it hits home when you see businesses in downtown Denison that are having to close their doors after many years of being open and it just reminds us how important it is to shop locally." "There is a high turnover in downtown Denison and it's pretty apparent and I think a lot of people loose interest because of it."

One reason the beaded-jewelry store, Wild Lotus, opened on Main Street three years ago was because of the lack of competition, and so far, it's a decision that's paid off. Add to that an "out of the box" perspective," "We're seeing more business and more people that support the arts." Opening the door for more local artists to showcase their work, bringing in more tourists and shoppers from outside of Denison to "Celebrate the Art of Living."
The Denison Development Alliance does offer incentives to new business owners. For more information call the DDA at 903-464-0883.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.