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Van Alstyne Votes on Expanding


The city of Van Alstyne will decide whether to invite more of the metroplex growth into their southern edge of Grayson County. It's a trend of growth we've seen for the past few years. It comes down to looking to the future. Deeda Payton has more on what it means for those living there now and possibly in a year or so.

At seven o'clock Wednesday night, the city council will decide whether or not to annex 136 acres, expanding the city. A decision that doesn't just mean for more space for residents, but more everything further proof that the DFW metroplex is moving north.

The land being discussed begins just northwest of FM 121 and Jim Jones road. It is currently owned by a development company out of Plano and they have big plans for the 136 acres.

Van Alstyne City Manager, Bill Herrington, says since the city only has 3800 people they are under general law meaning they can't force annexation. They can only annex land once a request is made by the landowner which is why they are voting. But, he says this annexation is just the first step in a much larger plan for Van Alstyne to develop commercially and residentially. "We're doing it under a planned development, but first we have to annex it then we will zone then we'll work to plan development so we all feel we have a win/win situation."

If the annexation passes tonight then the next step is zoning the land. Then, they will focus on development and will begin providing services like water and sewage to that part of town.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.