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Hot Weather Causing Power Outages


There's no doubt it's hot outside, just walking to your car makes you break a sweat, but these high temperatures are also causing problems for electrical crews who say some of their equipment has gone bad because of it.

On Wednesday, electric crews were replacing three transformers that went out late Tuesday night near the North Texas Regional Airport. They say the heat is causing their older equipment to malfunction.     

Good news is extra crews are on standby, so that if more outages happen they could quickly be repaired.    

Todd Thompson, with ONCOR, says, "As heat rises everyone turns their air conditioning on and all the power that's made available is used throughout the system at a quicker rate and everything gets hot and causes from time to time isolated outages."

Mark Burt, Texoma District Manager, says, "As it gets hotter the temperature rises we see a few more transformer failures across our area."  

Hot temperatures also lead to high electric bills. Electric companies say to save on your monthly bills turn on a fan, turn up the thermostat, and service your units.

Plus, if you live in Grayson, Fannin and Cooke Counties TCOG's Energy Assistance Program helps low income families pay for their utilities, and for residents of Southeastern Oklahoma, SODA no longer helps with utility bills, but says OG&E will work with you on payment plans.

If you do have a power outage at your home, look for the number of your retail electric provider on your electric bill to report it and get it fixed.

Vanessa bolano, KTEN News.