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School Shooting Scenario Discussed in Grayson Co.


We've been lucky, there's never been a school shooting in Grayson County or any of our main Texoma counties at all, but key agencies came together to make sure they're ready, just in case.     

Back to school for law enforcement in Grayson County, training on what to do in case of a school shooting.

Chief Brett Arterburn with the Pottsboro Police Department says, "We can hope it doesn't happen, but we really don't have control, all we can do is prepare ourselves."     

Wednesday, around a hundred officers, fire fighters, medics and school representatives went back to the basics.

Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum says, "We may have a plan at the county level, law enforcement may have separate plans, but how do you tie in the independent school districts to the plan and our local colleges."     

Lt. David Hawley with the Grayson County Sheriff's Office says, "You have to be prepared for anything, you have to have knowledge and training before it happens."     

And we're not just talking high school, but college level threats as well. Grayson County College President Alan Scheibmeir says  they have a commitment to students, and parents to be prepared.     

"It lets us see who has our back, sort to speak, and when we can have someone else's back when it comes to an emergency."     

Everyone involved learned exactly what their roll would be in case of an emergency, from the Swat Team with the sheriff's office, to the Red Cross, that would be ready to facilitate communication between parents the school and kids.     

As for the school districts themselves, they'll meet with their staff and administrators to map out a plan based on what they learned.     

Bynum says, "10 years ago before Columbine this was not an issue and suddenly since columbine and the other shootings that have occurred across the country mom's and dad's are wanting to know what you are doing to protect my children."  

Vanessa Bolano, KTEN News.