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More Store Owners Turning To Website Sales


During these tough economic times internet stores are becoming increasingly popular.  Meredith Saldana stopped by a seminar in Ardmore that focused on the value of a businesses website, she has more on this story.    

Nationwide businesses are turning away from stores they have to pay rent on and turning to the internet.

It's cheaper and brings in limitless clients.     

The REI Women's Business Center held a workshop at SOTC on strengthening your business through your website.     

They say many people are either turning to the internet to promote their business for the first time or have been paying someone to keep their website running and would rather cut that cost and do it themselves.     

And that's exactly what this workshop focused on.

Barbara Rackley with the Women's Business Center says, "People who have websites may not have a store front but it gets people into their website and helps them to sell more products, people know more about their business, bring people to their business and able to grow their business."

Instructors say consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with making purchases online and store owners are starting to realize that websites are the way to go.     

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News