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Lake Businesses Hopeful About July 4th Holiday


Business is coming back to Lake Texoma. After a some-what dismal Memorial Day holiday, marinas and boat shops are banking on a big 4th of July weekend. KTEN's Katy Blakey has more.

Over the past few weeks, KTEN has spoken to several marina owners and most seem pretty optimistic about the remaining summer months. One of those owners is Kevin Beam of Little Glasses Resort in Marshall County.

He's planning on 2,000 people attending his resort's 4th of July festivities. His campsites and cabins have been booked since January, and there are only a few openings. Despite the minor flooding and the state of the economy, he says from his perspective, the lake industry is benefiting. People are opting to vacation close to home, and spend their money out on the water.

"The water is down," said Beam. "We're not closed. The marinas are all open. Come out and join us in the hot sun and water. Cool off, and have a great 4th of July."

Another business that is doing well is the Texoma Premiere Boat Center in Denison. Owner Thomas Webb says people are still buying boats, and his repair shop is being slammed with folks trying to fix-up their old boats.

"Business has been quite well," said Webb. "These past 3 weeks since the lake levels have gone down, we've actually been very, very busy as far as new boats."

The Denison boat dealership is doing a lot of out-of-state business, but are also seeing locals come in and finance a moderate-priced vessel. They are also still seeing some of those high-end purchases by some buyers. Webb says if you're looking for a new boat many manufacturers are offering rebates and special deals right now. He encourages buyers to show around for the best rate before you hit the water.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News