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Is Texoma Ready for Digital?


Tomorrow is the big switch to digital. Are you ready? Nielsen, the people who track television viewing, estimates 2.8 million american homes won't be ready. KTEN's Deeda Payton went out to see how our viewers are adapting.

Kten has roughly 128-thousand households in our viewing area. 13 percent of those still use antennaes and don't have cable or satelite. That leaves almost 50,000 people in Texoma who still need to make the switch.
It's the biggest change to television viewing since going color back in the 50's. We checked in with a local home appliance dealer today in Denison. Chris Cavender says they've sold quite a few of the converter boxes, but even with that some may need an antennea either indoor or out door to go with it. Others he's talked to just gave in and subscribed to a service like cable or satelite. "It depends on the consumer. Those that can afford it have bave bought new TVs, others are using a digital converter box the most economical and some opted for pay service such as our dish network satellite service."

"I had to come up with the money to get cable turned on and I started to get one of those converter boxes, but it didn't allow me enough channels to even be worth it." David Miller was one of those who noticed he needed an upgrade after we did one of our "Soft Tests" to help you check your signal. He called us here at KTEN to help sort to it all out and now he says he is excited about the transition because it means better picture and with his chosen paid service he gets more channels.

Now, if you still need help, we'll actually have a help line set up all weekend. It's simple just call us here at KTEN 1-800-375-5836. Our trained specialists will be ready to take your call and get you digitial ready.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.