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New Vaccine Requirements for Texas Students


Parents listen up! your kids may need more shots before they head back to school in the fall. KTEN's Deeda Payton spoke to a local pediatrician about the new vaccination requirements in Texas.

The new changes affect mostly students entering Kindergarden and seventh grade, but all immunizations must be completed by the first day of school.

The vaccines and new requirements for students entering Kindergarden include: two doses of the Hepatitis A Vaccine
two doses of the MMR Vaccine
plus two doses of the Chicken Pox Vaccine

for seventh graders:

two doses of the Chicken Pox Vaccine
also Tetanus and Meningitis

Dr. Joseph Lipscomb, a local pediatrician, says the only major change in requirements is the second dose of the Chicken Pox Vaccine and a Tetanus booster shot for seventh graders. "I would say most all of the kids entering Kindergarden and first grade I'd say most all of them have had the shots required for them to enter into school."

This 16-month-old baby got a shot for the Chicken Pox today. As far as side effects, Dr. Lipscomb says the majority of these vaccines may only cause local irritation or mild fever.  He says none of the vaccines carry any risk of the development of autism. All perservatives previously implicated were removed from the immunizations back in 2001 although there has never been conclusive evidence of a link between vaccines and autism.

Dr. Lipscomb encourages parents to bring their children in sooner than later for these shots to avoid a rush.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.