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Severe Weather Pushes Through Oklahoma


Late Wednesday afternoon a strong system of storms moved across Texoma knocking down power lines and tree limbs.

KTEN crews spotted lots of storm damage in the Sulphur, OK area where a 100 year-old-tree fell on top of a house. The homeowner, Melinda Greenwood, says she was rushing home in the bad weather when her car was blowing all over the highway. But she had no idea what she was going to come home to find.

"My big huge tree from the front and back was on top of my roof," said Greenwood.  "My back cyclone fence -  it was a privacy fence it. It was completely down and this crew is over here helping me get all this up."

Greenwood says the Chickasaw telephone company volunteered to help her remove the tree. They brought about 10 men, equipment and a tractor. No one was injured.

Meredith Saldana, KTEN News