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Grayson Co. Woman Sentenced To 80 Years In Prison


Patricia McMillion learned her fate Wednesday afternoon - guilty of murder and she'll spend the next 80 years in prison.

The jury agreed with the prosecution that Kenneth McMillion was shot in cold blood.

Patricia actually took the stand for herself last week and admitted she shot her ex-husband in the back, but claimed it was self defense. She said, she was afraid he would grab the gun first and shoot her. 

But, the defense case fell apart when the jury learned, Patricia, with the help of her boyfriend, Harold Ballard, took the body to Louisianna.  McMillion also dumped the gun in Lake Texoma and dumped Kenneth's car at a strip club parking lot in Dallas.

Family members had mixed reaction from the verdict and the sentencing. As the courtroom cleared at the end of the day, Patrica McMillion's daughter simply asked the judge if she could give her mother a hug.

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