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Boys Need "Big Brothers"


A positive influence in a child's life when they are young can make a difference in how they grow up.  A child having access to a role model can change even their future.  Research shows kids that were involved in the Big Brother Big Sister program were less likely to skip school, use drugs, get in a fight, or consume alcohol. 

But the problem is the lack of male volunteers and some young boys have been waiting years for that special person.  The big brother and big sister program that helps young children become motivated teenagers and better adults.  It's helps one-on-one mentoring but for many young boys looking for a big brother, the wait is too long.  The program's Regional Director, Nele Rogers says the long wait for boys is a sad reality, "The average wait is about six months to a year.  Some of the boys have been waiting for two years and sometimes they get to the point they have waited so long, they just drop out."  That's why the program hopes to have more men sign up this Summer.  

The program's time commitment is minimal.  "It can take as little as 4 hours a month," says Nele Rogers.  And for those involved, the time is worth it.  Dante Sillavn, a 7 year old involved in the program tells us just a few things he has already experienced, "I get to play with him, ride in the car with him and ride with him in the fire truck."  And his mentor Brandon Craft, loves spending time with his "little bro", "It's a lot of fun.  We go to the park, play laser tag and I have taken him to the fire department where he rode the fire truck." 

The part of the program that does take time, the application process.  "It is a process fill out an application, give references, we check the references, and do a national background check and an in person interview," says Rogers.  But for everyone involved, they think it is all worth it.


Click on the volunteer tab then type in your zip code to sign up!  Contact information is listed below!

BBBS of North Texas - Grayson County Office 2007 Texoma pkwy., ste 182 Sherman, TX 75090 (817) 277-1148

Christina Lusby, Reports.