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Watch the Denison Hometown Heroes / D.H.S. Graduation Ceremonies


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Captain Chesley Sullenberger will be in Denison this Saturday to deliver his commencement speech to the class of 2009. For him, it's a homecoming. For the class of 2009, it's a lesson in what the future could hold. KTEN's Jhen Kordela has more on the excitement stirring up at the high school.

Forty years ago, in 1969, that's when Sully took the graduation walk as a yellow jacket, wearing the same black cap and gown student will wear this Saturday.

From national hero, to local celebrity, Sully for short, has gained a lot of attention since landing his plane in the Hudson River January 15th, saving the lives of 155 passengers.

"Captain Sullenberger is coming to our graduation," says Micah Vaughn, valedictorian for DHS. "And, he's going to be our commencement speaker."

Now, there's a buzz in the Denison High School hallways.

"They're very excited about the opportunity to see somebody's who's done something so amazing as what he did," says Brian Eaves, journalism advisor. "And, you know, we hear the stories that he doesn't think it's quite so amazing, but from our perspective, we see it as that."

Call it water cooler talk, it's all in anticipation of this Saturday, June 6th. That's when Sully, will take the stage in front of the DHS class of 2009. A stage, Micah Vahn will take himself, as valedictorian.

"I'm just really proud that we have someone from Denison be so successful," says Vaughn, "and he's a great example to all the students graduating this year."

His classmate, Lauren Hurley, voted most likely to work for the New York Times, is excited, as well.

"It's a good reminder that we all have the potential to accomplish great things," says Hurley.

Sully will speak at 8:30 p.m. Saturday at Munson Stadium, following a celebration at 2 p.m. in downtown Denison.

KTEN will cover this Saturday's ceremonies live, with streaming coverage of the graduation on KTEN Dig Ch. 10.3 &

- Jhen Kordela, KTEN News.

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