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SOSU Athletes Lend Helping Hand


We told you about members of the Southeastern Oklahoma State University football team helping with the cleanup from storm damage in Durant. Now, KTEN'S Jhen Kordela has reaction from some gracious residents.

The sound of the storm was scary.

"It was so loud, when the wind was blowing, actually, that when my giant tree fell, I hardly heard it," says Durant resident Connie Taylor. "It really didn't make that much noise over the wind."

The look of what it left behind was shocking.

"We didn't realize the damage until yesterday morning," says Leslie Webster, of Durant, "and I could see people standing down the street, looking in the backyard. And, I went, 'oh, something big has happened in Durant.' And, it was."

The aftermath, unexpected. 

Following this week's severe weather that hit Durant hard, some residents walked out onto their front yards, to find a welcoming surprise.

"We've had people coming around to the homes that were probably less than desirable people to work," says Durant resident Kathy Moore. "And, they wanted money to remove everything. And, you know, a little bit hesitant to that. But, then these guys showed up, and it was like, 'whoa'."

The strong arms of the Southeastern Oklahoma State University football team, and other athletes, cleaning up their storm damage.

"First, our photographer needed help with his house, because he had had large branches fall from (a) tree," says SOSU defensive tackle Romelle Terry. "He only lost a couple of plates on top of his house; of course, it was nothing real serious. We saw other houses all up and down this block that needed help, so we just kept going down the block."

Team members, in awe of all the scattered tree limbs, started picking them up and didn't stop there.

"Yeah, they were grateful," says defensive end Lionel Gillespie. "There was one that actually came to tears. You know, just knowing that we came over to clean up the yard. We just came over and started helping her. She actually had tears and ended up giving a couple of people hugs and stuff like that."

From house to house, a lesson in what teamwork can accomplish when a community comes together.

"And, yes," says Moore. "We'll be going to their football games this Fall."

The Savage Storm's first game is August 27th.

- Jhen Kordela, KTEN News.