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North Texas Warrant Roundup


 A heads up if you have outstanding warrants. Grayson County law enforcement is giving you your one fair warning. Next step, hauling you to jail. KTEN Jhen Kordela has more.

Law enforcement is sending notification straight to your mailbox. It's a postcard, informing the recipient there's a warrant issued for that person's arrest. If you get one, you're advised to take care of whatever your facing, before law enforcement comes after you.

"These ... and other agencies, will be in full force arresting people at their homes, at their businesses at school , anywhere they can be found," says Lt. David Hawley, of the GCSO.

You may remember back in March, authorities in Texas held a state-wide warrant roundup.

In Grayson County alone, officials served 111 warrants, collected more than $24,000 in fines and cleared another $52,000. They also made more than 40 arrests.

Between now and July 1st, agencies are sending out notices of fines and court costs due. And, they have a message for affected local residents, so they don't end up spending their July 4th holiday in jail.

"Turn themselves in," says Lt. Hawley. "Get these taken care of and get it done before we knock on your door."

Representatives are participating from 23 different agencies, in and around Grayson County, including Fannin, Cooke and Collin counties.

They're targeting those with felonies, misdemeanors, hot checks or any other warrants.

- Jhen Kordela, KTEN News.