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Durant Storm Damage


Residents in Durant were woken up around 3:30 a.m. to strong winds and falling trees. The areas with extreme damage were Washington Street to North East 5th Street and Main Street to University. One home on Cedar Street was completely demolished by the storms.

Power lines were also down, leaving 2,000 Durant residents without power,  trees were uprooted from the ground, windows broken and some roofs crushed. Durant Police, Emergency Management, City Cfficals and Fire Fighters were all out this morning trying to clean up the streets.  They were all working to cut down the limbs and clear the roads of the fallen debris.

Durant Emergency Management is currently assessing the damage. There is currently no offical estimate, but they say they should have a good idea by the end of the day.  City Officals also say if you have limbs or trees in your yard and want to get rid of the debris, you can take it to their land fill free of charge. The city is waving all fees for drops offs.  

Christina Lusby, Reports.