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State Inspectors Find Violations After Bryan County Jail Inspection


The final report from the Oklahoma state jail inspector is in for the Bryan County Jail. KTEN's Jhen Kordela has what officials found.

After inspecting the subsidiary jail, the state governing body that oversees the county came up with a list of complaints. Those complaints were handed over to Bryan County Sheriff Bill Sturch Tuesday.   Sturch, as you may remember, took control of the jail about a year and a half ago.

"It's a problem," says Sturch. "We've come a long way since October of 2007 though. We've fixed a lot of doors, a lot of locks and a lot of plumbing. But, for instance, we've got some lights that we've got to replace, and we're looking at -- I don't know if this is the exact number -- but somewhere around $500 per light."

Budget issues, or not, from here, the sheriff has 10 days to decide how to correct the violations, reply to the state and then 60 days to fix the problems before getting fined.

"There's nothing against anything at either jail that would come close to closing either facility," says Sturch"

Here's the list of violations, according to state inspectors:

  • inspectors found there was not enough staff to provide backup assistance, if needed;
  • cleaning supplies were not provided to inmates on a daily basis;
  • officials were serving water out of a dirty container with debris floating in it;
  • the fire alarm showed it was in a troubled mode since March;
  • trustees were not wearing gloves or hairnets when handling the food;
  • the jailers had not been properly trained since November of 2005;
  • there was also no lighting in jail cell number 28.

- Jhen Kordela, KTEN News.