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New Restriction for Boy Scouts


Beginning in January boy scouts and volunteers will have to shape up or sit out.     

If they exceed the weight limit of a new height weight chart they will not be allowed to participate in certain high adventure activities like caving, mountain biking, rock climbing, basically anything that takes them more than 30 minutes away from where an emergency responder could be reached.     

Organizers say it's being done to keep everyone safe.          

Gordon Sidler Texoma District Executive says, "I don't know that were singling out any kids, we're actually keeping them healthy."

Director Wendy Kurten says, "We would like for our adults and youth to be physically fit so that it wouldn't be a challenge for them to participate in those activities."

Enforcing the height weight chart is encouraged for all activities but only enforced in the "high adventure" activities.     

To see the chart click here.