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Munson Stadium: What to Do?


The task force has had a week to review the results of an in depth study on the stadium. It says they have two options, repair or replace the West side bleachers if not fans could one day be in danger.

For years Munson Stadium in Denison has been deteriorating, and just two months ago a task force was assembled to combat the issue. They say none of the problems are life threatening yet, but in the next three to four years the stands will become a safety hazard.     

Denison ISD Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott hopes progress on the 71 year old stands comes soon. 

"My hope is they will come up with a recommendation the board feels comfortable with  and is able to move forward and hopefully within a period of time is able to carry these things out."     

The possible solutions: minimal restoration. That means taking out deteriorating concrete, and adding an under-stands ventilation system. It costs up to $250,000.     

The other solution: full restoration. This means patching the concrete and correcting all the drainage problems. This option may cost more than $500,000.

Replacing the stands is the other option, but if the task force decides to look into this they'll have to contact an architect to see how much it may cost.

Vanessa Bolano, KTEN News.