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Sewer Line Bursts spills into the Red River

A sewer line burst on Friday sending sewage into Paw-Paw Creek.  The city of Denison sewer and water were able to repair the pipe the same day.  They returned Saturday to clean up the sewage that leaked into the creek, pumping most of the dirty water out and flushing it with fresh water.  But residents close by say the creek needs more work.  Tim Jones, owns the property of the contaminated creek, he says, "The fish are dead in my whole creek.  The whole creek is black.  This is our weekend to go to the Red River about a mile down the creek and I have asked the city officials to let the public know the raw dangers of sewage going into our red river."  Jones says he has even had to fix one of the pipes himself.  He has contacted the Game Warden and E-P-A and is speaking with Denison city council on Wednesday to address the problem.   The city of Denison says they contacted the state and had the area surveyed.  According to Denison city officials the creek is in good condition.