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Holiday Weekend Lake Activity: Boating Accident; Safety Tips


Preston EMS, and other emergency responders got a call just after four this afternoon on a medical emergency. 

The call was regarding an accident out on the lake, on three people riding a small, jet-powered rail boat. It happened near the Preston Bend. We're told they hit a large cruiser weight, which threw one of the passengers off the side of the boat where he hit his head. Authorities called Lifestar to the scene, off of Preston Bend Road and Daniel Lane.

"Beware of your surroundings," says Game Warden Dale Moses. "Evidently, they didn't see the wave coming, and they also hit it hard, didn't accept it was going to. Of course, it was a small boat, and didn't expect to hit as hard as it did, but kind of just be aware of your surroundings while you're out on the lake."

No word yet on his condition.

And, it's situations like this, why there's extra lake patrol out there this weekend. 
The U.S. Coast guard sector out of the Houston-Galveston area has an active duty boat crew patrolling Lake Texoma this weekend.

That's along with our U.S. Coast guard auxiliary and local law enforcement. They're out there checking whether boaters are operating safely and have the appropriate safety gear.