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Car Seat Check Perfect Timing for Holiday Weekend


With the holiday weekend, comes the warning: click it or ticket. That means kids in car seats, too. KTEN's Meredith Saldana went to the Ardmore Fire Department's "Car Seat Check" Friday, where they actually handed out several free car seats.

48 free car seats, in all.

Friday's event was perfect timing according to many parents KTEN News spoke with.

They just wanted a little, last-minute reassurance, before they hit the road for the weekend.

It was really simple. Parents pulled up, and firefighters helped tighten or install those child seats.

One father that KTEN News spoke with said they were headed to Dallas, and he wanted to make sure his one year-old  and infant daughter were as safe as possible.

Ji He told KTEN News, "The guys around here have been so helpful.  They installed so tightly and I really like the design of the car seats look like our kids will enjoy a lot of them."

In all, the Ardmore Fire Department handed out 24 infant seats and 24 toddler seats for free.

Members of "Students Working Against Tobacco," or SWAT, were also there handing out pamphlets on second hand smoke to parents while they waited in line.

Meredith Saldana, KTEN News