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Grayson County Sheriff's Report for 5/22/2009


From news release:


Incident #370125            A Plano resident who had his boat docked in a slip at Highport Marina.  The owner stated the high water prevented him from entering his boathouse, he had to have Highport employees take them to his boat.  Once on the boat he told Deputy Josh Price that thieves had entered from the water and took fishing poles, tackle and tackle box and damage to a custom boat cover.  Estimated replacement cost over $1,000.00.

Incident #370223            A resident on Westline Road reported to Deputy Joe Ross that someone had fraudulently used their credit card number.  A Western Union charge had been made on his account of over $700.00 which he did not make.  The card was cancelled and Western Union and his bank were contacted and report submitted.

Incident #370250            A 14-year old S&S Middle School student reported to Deputy Joe Ross that while at school another 14-year old student came up started arguing with her, and then the 14-year old suspect struck her in the eye with her fist.  Because of school policies she did not fight back and went to the office.  The school would handle disciplinary action against the 14-year old suspect and following up with an assault report.

Incident #370276            A McKinney resident reported to Deputy Josh Price that he had his boat stored at boat storage in the 11000 Block of FM-120 north of Pottsboro.  The McKinney man told Deputy Price his boat was stored under a canopy at the storage facility and someone had taken it out because when he put it in the water, it began taking on water.  He pulled it back onto the trailer and took it to the repair shop who told him that someone had damaged the bottom of the boat so badly, it tore holes in the bottom.  It is unknown who took the boat for a joy ride at this time.

Incident #370386            A Denison resident reported to Deputy Brent Norris that sometime in the last week, someone entered his property off of Farmington Road near Sherman and took his ATV without permission.  The man stated the vehicle was valued at $11,000.00.

Incident #370410            A resident on Bledsoe Road near Gunter told Deputy Brent Norris that someone had entered his garage next to his house and took two saddles valued at $4,000.00 from his garage. 








Incident #370431            A disturbance was reported in the 1200 block of Pitchfork Lane near Howe.  According to reports Deputy Ryan Miller responded to the residence where a man called 911 to report his wife was assaulting him and was bleeding, then the phone went dead.  When Deputy Miller and a Howe Officer arrived at the scene the man was identified as James Blevins of the residence. He was bleeding from the head and his eye was swollen shut.  Mr. Blevins stated his wife Dawn Blevins had been separated for about a week and she came over to his house while he was gone and threw clothes and food all over the floor.  Mr. Blevins told Mrs. Blevins to come over and clean it up or he would call the Sheriff's Office.  When she arrived, they got into an argument and according to statement, Mrs. Blevins struck Mr. Blevins causing injury.  Mr. Blevins was transported to a local hospital for his injuries and Mrs. Blevins had left the scene and was stopped for speeding by Tom Bean Police Department.  When Deputy Miller arrived, Mrs. Blevins was placed under arrest and placed in the Grayson County Jail for Interference with an emergency call and Assault Causing Bodily Injury to a Family Member with a Deadly Weapon.  She remains in the Grayson County Jail at this time.