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Tick Precautions In Oklahoma


As the summer nears people tend to spend more time outside.  But keep in mind it's tick season!  Meredith Saldana has some precautions you should take to avoid the little black insect.

The Carter County Health Department says it is time for those painful little insects to start showing up.     

But so far there haven't been any reports of diseases or illnesses in our area.       

The best way to avoid ticks is to stay out of the woods and brushy areas with tall grass.     

As most parents know, in the summer, kids are going to play outside.     

So will adults, the lake is a popular hangout in the summer and health department officials tell me it's also a good place to see a tick.     

If you plan to be outdoors they say to treat your clothing with insecticides that contain the ingredient Deet.

And frequently check areas where your clothing or swim wear might fit snug on your skin and don't forget to check your pets.

Marsha Allmon at the Carter County Health Department says, "If you have a pet that comes and goes from your home it is very possible for that pet to bring ticks into your home.  And the tick would drop off there in your house so you do have to monitor your home."

If you are bitten this summer here are some tips:

-Remove the tick carefully.  If you kill the tick while it's still attached you run the risk of putting any disease the tick might have back into your blood stream.     

-Make sure the area you were bitten doesn't become infected or inflamed.  If it does notify your doctor.     

-And remember when and where you received the bite.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News