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Carter County Prepares For Possible Future Hazards


Carter County has seen their fair share of natural disasters this year.  And now county officials have hired Hazard Mitigation Specialists to help them develop a plan for the future.  KTEN's Meredith Saldana has more.

The plan is designed to help reduce or eliminate the affects of various natural disasters and hazards that could occur here in Carter County.     

Tuesday, mitigation specialists and county officials met with groups in Fox and Healdton to discuss a plan of action.     

In Healdton, representatives from the fire department, police department and county commissioners office attended the meeting.

As well as the city manager and other organizations to give their input as to what needs to be taken care of to try to eliminate further problems when it comes to natural hazards.     

Tornados, floods, earthquakes and expansive soils were all discussed.     

As well as ideas for projects.

Mitigation Specialist David Van Nostrand says, "Maybe a road needs to be raised or safe rooms for schools or for communities warning sirens, weather radios.  Those are some of the projects that communities usually come up with."

Once the plan is written it must be approved by Oklahoma Emergency Management and by FEMA.     

Once approved it will be adopted by the elected officials of Carter County and federal funding may be available to help accomplish the goals and projects the group comes up with.     

About 100 survey's were also mailed out to random Carter County addresses and they ask that anyone who receives one please fill it out because resident opinions are also needed.     

Of course we'll let  you know if this plan is approved and what projects are in the works.   

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News