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Local Business Leaders Spread Important Message To Graduates


As summer nears, school ends and the part-time jobs begin for many high school students. But before that happens, local business leaders got together to teach students some valuable work skills. KTEN's Katy Blakey has the details.

Business organizations and some of Grayson County's largest employers said they were seeing a concerning number of young adults enter the local workforce missing some simple, but important rules.

The project entitled "It's My Life" premiered Monday for the local community leaders who made it happen. The DVD features young business professionals from right here in Grayson County. 
All of them talk about their experience in the workforce and also remind viewers about those simple do's and don'ts.

Some of the things they miss are the obvious," said Dr. Patty Pool with the Center for Workforce Learning. "When's the appropriate time to use a cell phone at work. You don't text. You don't check websites and look at videos when you're at work. Those sort of things are just not appropriate and a lot of people don't understand that."

The dvd will be avaliable to all Grayson County school districts. Organizers expect mroe than 4,500 students will watch the video before graduation day.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News