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Dallas Hospital To 'Tweet' About Texoma Family's Surgery


A Texoma family has been given a new beginning. The family is in Dallas Sunday night, preparing for two surgeries - a kidney transplant between father and son. Not only is the family organ donation somewhat uncommon, but tomorrow the family's operation will go online. KTEN's Katy Blakey has more.

"As a Dad I'm glad I could do it for him," said Chris Gilbreath. "There's not a parent out there that wouldn't do it for their child."

Monday morning both father and son will be admitted to surgery. Sherman firefighter and dad, Chris Gilbreath, will give one of his kidneys to his son, John. The active three-year-old has battled kidney failure since before birth.

"When we went to the delivery room that morning, we were expecting our child to pass away within minutes of being born," said Amanda Gilbreath, John's mother. "So we were pleasantly surprised when he was born and crying." 

Since that day John has undergone multiple surgeries and nightly dialysis treatment, which prevents him from every-day activities like taking a bath or swimming with his brother.

The family says they benefit from a loving network of friends, family, church members and Chris's fellow fire-fighters in Sherman.

For the first time, that support group, can get up-to-the-minute progress reports on the family's medical happenings.

Children's Medical Center in Dallas plans to take Monday's transplant operation online by posting updates throughout both surgeries on Twitter.

"It will be very exciting to hear this information as it happens and to be involved with it," said Amanda Gilbreath. "And our family and friends are very excited to be part of it as well. They feel like they're more a part of it even if they're not at Children's on that day." 

Something the tight-knit crew at the fire station is looking forward to.

"They can be at the station and get updates through both of our surgeries, John's and mine."

The operation will make online history. Children's Medical Center will be the first hospital to twitter in real time from a transplant surgery. To follow Chris and John's progress click on this link: http://twitter.com/ChildrensTheOne


Katy Blakey, KTEN News