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FEMA Tours Love County Damage


Friday, FEMA and state emergency crews were back in southern Oklahoma, touring damage in love county. KTEN's Meredith Saldana reports.

"Oh, we've seen a lot of damage just a tremendous amount of damage," says Love County Commissioner Michael White.

White has lived in Love County for most of his life and says he's never seen damage like this from floods.

"Oh in places, it was up to 17 inches and in a 5 or 6 hours. So it's more than we've seen. More than I've seen since I've been here."

On Hartmon Road in western Love County, you can see the road was nearly completely washed away.

Bill Lehman with FEMA says, "This appears to be on of the more damaged areas here. It's about a mile and a half on this road that needed a lot of work."

Commissioner White says they've been working on this road for about two weeks and have already spent about $4,000 or $5,000 in repairs.

White adds, "We're hoping to get enough help so that we don't deplete the county of what funds we do have. We don't have a lot of funds at the county right now, so if FEMA could help us out, some that would be wonderful."

North Stockton Road lost a corner support of its bridge.

Work has already started here, as well.

FEMA says if the county's total damage reaches about $30,000 and president Obama declares the county a disaster area, FEMA would be able to provide 75% financial support and the remaining 25% would come from state and local funds.

Commissioners say it could take a while before they get all of the damages repaired.

"Oh, it will take months if not years."

For now, the county will just have to wait on FEMA to make their assessments.

Lehman adds, "Within a week or two, the decision will be made and as you can see already the repairs have been made on this area here so we'd reimburse the county for what's taken place."

Reporting in Love County, Meredith Saldana, KTEN News.