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Sherman Police Department Daily Bulletins for 5/14 thru 5/15/2009


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090002649 Society VICTIM of Possession Of Marihuana < 2oz (C), at 26XX N Hickory St, Sherman, TX,  on 05/14/2009, 11:10. Reported: 05/14/2009. MCCLARAN, B. LW *LW30965*
May 14, 2009 SPD narcotics detectives executed a search warrant in the 2600 Blk. of Hickory St. in Sherman, Texas.  Under two ounces of MARIHUANA was located in one of the bedrooms.  Approximately 29 grams of CRACK COCAINE was located in another bedroom.  One black male was arrested for Possession of MARIHUANA under two ounces, another black male and a black female were arrested for Manufacture/Delivery of a controlled substance =>4G<200G. Possession Of Marihuana < 2oz

090002635 Pilkilton, Mark (W M, 48)  VICTIM of Burglary Of Vehicle (C), at 4XX N Crockett St/w Washington St, Sherman, TX,  between 09:00, 05/10/2009 and 07:00, 05/14/2009. Reported: 05/14/2009. NICHOLS, B. LW *LW30952*
[05/14/2009 14:00, BRIANN, 100]   On Thursday, May 14th, 2009, I was dispatched to a burglary of a vehicle at Washington and Elm.  I spoke to the complainant, and he said someone had broken into his vehicle sometime between Sunday, May 10th, and Thursday, May 14th, 2009.  The only item taken was found at another burglary the previous day, and returned to him.  A report was completed for Burglary of a Vehicle. Burglary Of Vehicle

090002636 Denman, Kelly Ashley (W F, 34)  VICTIM of Forgery Financial Instrument (C), at 4XX E 82 Us, Sherman, TX,  between 00:00, 05/01/2009 and 08:46, 05/14/2009. Reported: 05/14/2009. HARRIS, J. LW *LW30953*
[05/14/2009 09:00, JENNIFERB] Harris 128 At an unknown time several checks were passed at a business in the 400 blk of E 82 US.  The checks had been stolen in October 2008 in Denison. Forgery Financial Instrument

090002637 Duke, Donald Abbott (W M, 44)  VICTIM of Fraud Use Poss Identifying Info (C), at 6XX Oxford Dr, Sherman, TX,  between 00:00, 05/11/2009 and 20:37, 05/13/2009. Reported: 05/14/2009. HARRIS, J. LW *LW30954*
[05/14/2009 11:19, JENNIFERB] Harris 128 At an unknown time/place a subject obtained the debit card number of a resident from Arlington, TX.  The debit card number was used to make on-line purchases that were to be shipped to an address in the 600 blk of Oxford Dr. Fraud Use Poss Identifying Info

090002638 Mcfarland, Finis Reed (W M, 37)  VICTIM of Theft Prop>=$1500<$20k (C), at 8XX S Burdette Av, Sherman, TX,  between 08:30, 05/10/2009 and 18:49, 05/13/2009. Reported: 05/14/2009. HARRIS, J. LW *LW30955*
[05/14/2009 12:24, JENNIFERB] Harris 128 On 05/10/09 at approximately 0830 hours three male subjects stole a large go cart from the backyard of a residence located in the 800 blk of S Burdette Av. Theft Prop>=$1500<$20k

090002646 J & W #10 Shell VICTIM of Forgery (C), at 1XX W 1417 Fm, Sherman, TX,  between 13:25, 05/13/2009 and 13:38, 05/14/2009. Reported: 05/14/2009. NEWTOWN, A. LW *LW30964*
[05/14/2009 16:00, ALECN, 136] A. Newtown #228 On May 14, 2009, Sherman Police Department received a report of a black male passing a counterfeit bill in the 100 block of W. FM 1417. The store clerk did not know the bill was counterfeit until the suspect left the property. The suspect was caught on the store surveillance and the case is pending. Forgery

090002643 Society VICTIM of Disorderly Conduct Language (C), at 27XX Loy Lake Rd, Sherman, TX,  on 05/14/2009, 14:16. Reported: 05/14/2009. MULLEN, B. LW *LW30961*
[05/14/2009 15:19, BRETTM, 93] Mullen 189 On 05-14-09 at approximately 1416hrs, Officer Mullen 189 was working off-duty security in the 2700blk of N Loy Lake Rd. While in Officer Mullen`s presence, the suspect loudly used profane language in a classroom filled with other students.  The suspect was placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct. Disorderly Conduct Language

090002656 Society VICTIM of Michigan Warrant Arrest (C), at 18XX Texoma Pk, Sherman, TX, on 05/14/2009, 20:23. Reported: 05/14/2009. WALDEN, T. LW *LW30971*
[05/14/2009 21:57, TONYW, 110] Walden #203 On 05/14/2009 at approximately 2020 hours, Officer Walden was patrolling in the 2100 block of Texoma Parkway.  Officer Walden observed a suspect he believed to have an active warrant.  Officer Walden followed the suspect to the 1800 block of Texoma Parkway and conducted a citizen contact.  Officer Walden identified the driver as the suspect.  The driver was arrested for an active Michigan warrant. The suspect was transported to the Grayson County Jail and released to jail personnel. Michigan Warrant Arrest

090002648 Moores, Anthony Glen (W M, 33) Arrest on chrg of All Other Offenses (M), at 2XX S Crockett St, Sherman, on 05/14/2009. GANN, T. AR *AR7155*
All Other Offenses

090002656 Mccracken, Kenneth (W M, 30) Arrest on chrg of All Other Offenses (F), at 18XX Texoma Pk, Sherman, on 05/14/2009. WALDEN, T. AR *AR7156*
All Other Offenses