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Behind the Kitchen Door, 5/14/09


It is your typical hole-in-the-wall breakfast place: the Waffle Shoppe is known around Durant as a quick place to grab a hot meal and a cup of coffee, but some of their diners contacted KTEN, concerned with what may be going on in the kitchen.

A viewer writes, "Employees joke about their two pet mice. They run around the customer area all the time. The place is also infested with roaches. I think we should be able to have a clean restaurant, since this is the only 24 hour one here."

A quick check with the Bryan County Health Department shows the greasy spoon was inspected three times in 2008.

In none of those reports did we find anything regarding a pest problem, like our viewer claimed.

Inspectors did write up the restaurant in May of '08 for several violations:

  • a hot hold violation....
  • And, inspectors found pork and apples stored on the floor.
  • Biscuits were sitting uncovered on storage shelves.
  • And their food operating license had expired.
  • Based on all those violations....a follow-up was required.

Two weeks later, health officials returned. Management had made significant improvements, correcting all the critical violations.

In December, inspectors returned once more: this time, the Waffle Shoppe was cited for another hot hold violation and a repeat violation.

Inspectors found food debris on the meat slicer.

We spoke with the owner of the Waffle Shoppe.  He kept his comments brief regarding his inspection history, saying he spent $15,000 on a new dinning room floor, adding he immediately addresses all problems on health inspections.

He would not allow our camers in his kitchen.

For Behind the Kitchen Door, Katy Blakey, KTEN News