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Chrysler Severs Ties with 4 Area Dealerships


Fred Pilkilton, the owner of Fred Pilkilton Motors, says he's not shutting his doors.  He plans to sell what's on the lot and bring in affiliate himself with other auto makers.

Chrysler notified 789 dealerships they were severing ties, eliminating about 25% of them.

Fred Pilkilton says, "We own the building, the business, the land, the facility and the cars and we will continue in business."     

Anna McKinney, with the Denison Chamber of Commerce, says the news was unexpected.     

"This is devastating news because we hate to see especially a family owner business that's been a mainstay for our area for many, many, many years so we hope something can happen to turn this around and that we can keep in Denison."

Fred Pilkilton Motors off West Woodard Street in Denison has been in business for over 65 years.

As for Reynolds Auto Group in Durant. They say they were "inappropriately listed," that on April 24th, "they chose to terminate its franchise agreement with Chrysler."

Crossroads Superstore in Atoka and El Dorado Motors in McKinney also are not shutting their doors. The two carry other brands.

Vanessa Bolano, KTEN News.