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Sherman Apartments Flood Again


Rain has flooded the streets and creeks and now the rain has made its way back into the bottom floor apartments at the Villas of Parkhaven. 

This is not the first time these apartments have been under water and resident Danny Roe is not happy, "I'm frustrated, completely frustrated."

This is Danny's second apartment flooding at this complex.

"This happened two years ago.  I lived at this same apartment and actually stuck through it with them.  I moved out of my apartment for two months."

Now, 35 bottom level apartments are full of water.  The complex has sent a company out to vacuum out the apartments, salvaging what carpets they can and ripping up the rest.  Management tried to address the issue two years ago, installing a new system to help catch the water and prevent it from flowing into the bottom level apartments.

The problem, this weekend when the rain came the system was not operating properly.

"That system was all down Friday.  They put this draining system in and it completely failed due in part because they didn't have the pumps hard wired," said resident Eddy Mischkot.

This year's water invasion has left some residents looking for a new home.

Roe said, "I asked the assistant manager for two things, I wanted to break my lease, and he said he didn't have a definite answer.  He told me it might be possible, but I have yet to hear anything."

Mischkot voiced his opinion of the property, "The do nothing policy around here as far as what they need to address back behind the building, didn't know if you've been back there and looked, but it's a mess.  It wasn't engineered properly; Its inadequate and it failed.  I am not completely positive it would have worked even if the system had been working properly at the time."

We tried to contact management, leaving a voicemail on their emergency line, but we did not receive a call back.

Christina Lusby, KTEN News