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Durant Police Department Media Reports for 5/8/2009


From news release:



On Friday May 8, 2009 at approximately 0047 hours I, Capt. Mike Woodruff  was advised of a Domestic in Progress in the 400 block of South 12th Avenue.

   Upon arrival I observed a red pick-up parked in the street; lights were on and driver door standing open. A juvenile female was standing in the yard, near South 12th Avenue holding a phone in her hand(s) and crying. When she saw me, she started screaming hurry he is hurting my mother.  Kenneth St.Clair was knelt on his knees over Deborah St.Clair. She was on the ground on her back, beneath Kenneth St.Clair. I could hear Kenneth St.Clair hollering something to Deborah St.Clair, but could make out what it was.

   I observed the (butt) handle end of folding type knife clinched in his right fist, in a downward direction. I could not see if the blade was open or shut. I drew my duty handgun and ordered him several times to put down the knife. I placed my left forearm around Kenneth St.Clair's face and  started attempting to pull him off of Deborah St.Clair, giving him verbal orders as I was doing so. Kenneth St.Clair repeatedly said no and with his full body weight pull back down to the top of Deborah St.Clair. Kenneth St.Clair then pulled the knife down and under his chest in the direction of his left hand, appearing to me trying to open the closed blade. Seeing this, knowing Deborah St.Clair was directly below him (back and chest; torso) I pulled his head to the right so it was clear of Deborah St.Clair.

   At approximately this time and the same time assisting Durant Police Officers arrived, Kenneth St.Clair tossed the knife in a southeast direction (direction of the house). Now holstering my duty handgun, I placed both arms around Kenneth St.Clair and pulled him away from Deborah St.Clair. Despite verbal orders given to him to put his hands behind his back, Kenneth St.Clair repeatedly would resist putting his arms behind his back by tensing them and trying to pull them back under his chest and/or body. After a short struggle and repeated verbal commands his arms were placed behind his back. From there he was successfully handcuffed. Kenneth St.Clair was transported to the Bryan County Jail.

   Deborah St. Clair advised that she had just returned home when her ex-husband showed up yelling at her.  She ran into the house and locked the door.  Kenneth St. Clair kept pushing at the door and when it looked like he was going to get in, Deborah ran outside by another door.  Kenneth made entry into the residence and followed her outside and took her to the ground, which is when officers arrived.

   I observed pieces of the front door were broken from the frame. I also observed injuries to Linda Skinner's left forearm and to the left side of the face and neck of Deborah St.Clair. Bryan County EMS arrived and addressed the injuries. Photographs were taken of the knife, damage to the property and injuries


On 05-07-09 at approximately 1618 hours I, Sgt. Brock Jones, was traveling northbound in the 200 block of N. 11th Ave. and observed a white female attempting to walk northbound in the 300 block of N. 11th Ave..  She was stumbling back and forth from the center of the roadway to the east curb of N. 11th Ave..  I made contact with the 13 year old female. I detected a strong odor of was I associated with an alcoholic beverage on her breath and person.  She swayed while standing, had red bloodshot watery eyes, slow slurred speech, and was very unsteady on her feet.    I placed her in double locked handcuffs and transported her to the Durant Police Department in the back seat of my patrol vehicle.  I contacted her mother by telephone.  The juvenile was release to her mother and a copy of the report sent to JSU