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Hugo Police Department Daily Reports for 5/6/2009


From news release:

Hugo Police Department
Daily Report

May 1st 2009

1. Officers arrested a 19-year old Hugo man in the area of 'E' and Rosewood St. for Driving Under Suspension and Failure to Pay Taxes Due State.

2. Officers took a walk-in report concerning Harassment.

May 2nd 2009

1. Officers were dispatched to an area on Roebuck Lane in reference to a motor vehicle crash and vandalism. Upon arrival officers observed a 1984 Chevy Suburban that had hit a tree. They noted that the windows of the vehicle had been shattered. The vehicle was impounded. It was later determined the vehicle was stolen from an westside storage facility after repossession. The previous owner was located and had a credible alibi with multiple witnesses.

2. Officers arrested an 18-year old Hugo woman for Criminal Trespass at an eastside apartment complex.

May 3rd 2009

1. Officers took a report concerning Violation of a Protective Order in the 1100 block of W. Main St. The 54-year old victim advised that a past lover, of whom she has a protective order against, has been calling her and leaving threatening voice m ails on her phone. The case has been turned over to the D.A.'s Office for review.

May 4th 2009

1. Officers arrested a 30-year old Hugo man in the area of 2nd and Duke St. for Driving Under Suspension, Failure to Comply with Compulsory Insurance Law and Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign.

2. Officers took a report concerning alleged Domestic Assault and Battery and Child Endangerment. The 18-year old victim alleged that she went to retreive her child from it's grandmother's residence and upon arrival was repeatedly hit in the face by her baby's daddy. The victim declined charges when officers advised the victi m that they could not retreive the child due to it being a civil matter.

3. Officers took a Breaking and Entering report at a westside fabricator. Nothing of value was taken.

4. Officers took a report c oncerning theft of a satellite dish.

May 5th 2009

1. Officers took a Runaway report concerning a 17-year old male. The male was recovered a short time later.

2. Officers took a report concerning an attempted break-in at an eastide business complex.

3. Officers took a report at a downtown business concerning the attempted theft of a motor vehicle.