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KTEN News Special Assignment Report

Local Government Budgets & Salaries: Who's Making What


Of course, Bryan County has seen its share of jail inmate escapes over the years. The sheriff blamed it on lack of funding  for security and salaries.

And while the Bryan County Jail does get more money allocated to it now than in years past, salaries are still relatively low.

So, we're busting open the budget with a Special Assignment Report on how your tax dollars pay your county workers, specifically your elected officials. KTEN's Lisanne Anderson reports.

"The more population grows the more value of property grows therefore the more tax dollars come in," says Monty Montgomery.

Montgomery is one of three Bryan County Commissioners who set salaries for all county employees.

"The key thing with this is every salary in the county is based on elected official salary. First Deputy can make up to 90 percent of officials. Second Deputy can make up to 80 percent."

And to get initial top salary, Commissioners in Oklahoma have set guidelines from the Oklahoma legislature.

Section 1A, Title 19, of the Oklahoma Statutes spells it out in black and white, with a set base range, then Commissioners literally do the math, using population and estimated property tax coming into the county.

Bryan County falls  in  a net property valuation of between $80 million and $300 million, meaning minimum salary for elected officials can be anywhere between $24,500 to $44,500.

Your elected officials in Bryan County make $43,200 a year, a salary that hasn't increased in at least four years.

"Right now, there's now additional money at all for any county elected official."

"Why not?" Lisanne asks.

"Because our budget isn't big enough to take care of that."

Part of the reason: the debt from years ago to remodel the Bryan County Jail... a sixth of the county sales tax still pays more than $13,000 a month to reduce that debt.

Commissioners hope to have that paid off next year, with that money then going back into the county general fund.

As for salaries though, it still comes down to population and property tax.. and as the county grows, so does the opportunity for increased salaries.

"Bryan County is not overly blessed with finances but we're not in financial hardships we were a few years ago."

And that's just one example. Those are the numbers and formulas for Oklahoma's county elected officials, depending on county size.

One interesting note is that no matter the experience and time on the job of the elected official, in Oklahoma, they all make the same amount of money.

In Texas, it's a much different set of rules. County Commissioner can budget just about whatever the county can afford.

Below are lists of salaries received from local municipalities, obtained through Freedom of Information requests. Every government agencies contacted by KTEN News was very cooperative, sharing this public information without any hindrances.

Compensation figures highlighted with a light blue background includes a car allowance. Compensation figures highlighted with a pink background includes an expense account. Census data is for city and county population and is provided for purposes of comparison.

Grayson County, TX
2008 Census 118,804
County Court at Law Judges (2) 131,184.00
Juvenile Service Dept. Dir. 110,064.00
County Judge 94,248.00
Auditors Office Director 85,608.00
County Sheriff 77,592.00
County Health Dept. Director 73,440.00
Adult Probation Chief Officer 70,008.00
Purchasing Director 68,352.00
Emergency Mgt. Coordinator 64,992.00
Tax Assessor & Co.Clerk (2) 64,824.00
County Commissioners (4) 62,064.00
Treasurer & District Clerk (2) 62,064.00
Information Technology Dir. 61,944.00
Justice of the Peace 57,432.00
Justice of the Peace 53,712.00
Road & Bridge Foreman 50,088.00
Road & Bridge Foreman 49,464.00
Human Resources Dept. Dir. 48,696.00
Road & Bridge Foreman 46,104.00
Road & Bridge Foreman 44,808.00
Road & Bridge Foreman 44,712.00
Justice of the Peace (2) 43,704.00
Constable 41,184.00
Constable 39,192.00
Constable (2) 37,344.00
Sherman, City of
2007 Census 37,710
City Manager 134,027.52
Assistant City Manager/CFO 109,959.60
Police Chief 101,795.76
City Attorney 95,004.00
Dir. of Utilities/Engineering 93,636.00
Fire Chief 90,021.84
Director of Public Works 89,990.40
Dir. of Development Services 82,761.84
Sherman ISD
2007 Census 37,710
Superintendent 150,358.00
Assistant Superintendent 102,480.00
Assistant Superintendent 99,290.00
Dir. of Curriculum & Staff Dev. 96,632.00
Dir. of Human Resources 96,632.00
Dir. of Assessment & Gov. Pg. 83,509.00
Director of Technology 74,288.00
Sherman Economic Dev. Corp.
2007 Census 37,710
President 105,000.00
Vice President 83,200.00
Carter, County of
2008 Census 47,979
County Sheriff 58,800.00
County Commissioners (3) 58,800.00
County Treasurer 58,800.00
County Assessor 58,800.00
County Clerk 58,800.00
Court Clerk 58,800.00
Ardmore, City of
2007 Census 24,625
City Manager 141,681.24
Asst. City Mgr./Fire Chief 108,118.10
City Engineer 108,308.80
Police Chief 107,660.80
Human Resource Director 94,004.80
Dev. Services Director 90,697.60
Public Works Director 88,507.20
Parks & Rec. Director 88,403.20
Deputy Chief of Police 73,070.40
City Clerk/Finance Director 75,249.60
Library Director 62,707.20
City Attorney 8,097.70
Ardmore City Schools  
2007 Census 24,625
Superintendent 119,223.44
2nd Assistant Superintendent 89,426.66
1st Assistant Superintendent 84,453.30
Dir.of Secondary Curr.&Fed.Pg. 65,169.80
Ardmore Development Authority  
2007 Census 24,625
President 89,000.00
VP, Business Development 61,000.00
VP, Operations 61,000.00
Airpark Manager 41,000.00
Denison, City of  
2007 Census 24,103
City Manager 142,374.55
City Attorney 133,964.55
Director of Public Works 92,835.24
Police Chief 86,864.74
Director of Finance 85,694.36
Fire Chief 82,664.74
Director of Library and IT 76,008.17
Assistant Police Chief 68,711.46
Assistant Fire Chief 66,311.46
Planning & Zoning Director 65,867.44
Human Resources Director 65,473.53
Parks & Recreation Director 65,473.53
Accounting Supervisor 65,473.53
Community Development Dir. 65,473.53
Main Street Director 54,604.96
Building Official 53,169.86
City Marshal 39,946.46
Denison ISD  
2007 Census 24,103
Superintendent 137,726.00
Assistant Superintendent (2) 106,936.00
Director of Instruction 97,734.00
Director of Special Education 85,714.00
Director of Technology 81,118.00
Director of Compensatory Ed. 80,766.00
Director of Facilities & Trans. 72,098.00
Denison Development Alliance  
2007 Census 24,103
President 118,450.00
VP, Business Development 79,224.79
VP, Operations 37,699.08
PT Assistant 8,700.00
Bryan, County of
2008 Census 40,109
County Sheriff 43,200.00
County Commissioners (3) 43,200.00
County Treasurer 43,200.00
County Assessor 43,200.00
County Clerk 43,200.00
Court Clerk 43,200.00
Durant, City of
2007 Census 16,161
City Manager 138,000.00
Assistant City Manager 81,600.00
Fire Chief 73,346.00
Police Chief 72,281.00
Public Works Director 66,581.00
City Clerk 66,200.00
Librarian 55,101.00
Community Development Dir. 55,100.00
Emergency Management Dir. 51,500.00
City Treasurer 49,500.00
City Attorney 28,000.00
Durant Ind. School District
2007 Census 16,161
Superintendent 131,357.00
Assistant Superintendents (2) 101,075.29
Durant Industrial Authority
2007 Census 16,161
Executive Director 119,974.66
Pontotoc, County of
2008 Census 36,999
County Sheriff 45,425.00
County Commissioners (2) 45,600.00
County Commissioner 45,425.00
County Treasurer 45,600.00
County Assessor 45,600.00
County Clerk 45,600.00
Court , Clerk 45,600.00
Ada City Schools  
2007 Census 16,537
Superintendent 100,500.00
Federal Programs/Athletic Dir. 71,800.00
Special Education Director 61,750.00
Curriculum Director 55,050.00
Technology Director 47,355.00
Maintenance Director 46,434.00
Food Service Director 36,644.00
Transportation Director 36,488.00
Compensation Includes Car Allowance
Compensation Includes Expense Account

Do you want KTEN News to check out your county, city, or school district. Drop us an email to newsteam@kten.com or call the newsroom at 903 337-4010.

Lisanne Anderson, KTEN News.