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Denison Kid's Fair Promotes Health And Wellness


With the economy the way it is, and the current threat of H1N1, these two phrases might be music to your ears: "free" and "staying healthy." Put them together, and you have Saturday's kids health fair in Denison. Jhen Kordela was there and has tips to stay flu-free.

There are no confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus in our viewing area just yet, and health officials want to keep it that way. But, with 11 cases just to our south in the Dallas / Fort-Worth area, and Texas labs staying open 24 / 7 to test nasal swabs flooding in, this couldn't be a better time for area schools to promote health and wellness. 

The Denison ISD and knight family chiropractic are acting as cheerleaders when it come to health.

"To promote health and wellness in our district," says Donna Grubbs, a DHS nurse.

The Centers for Disease Control stated the H1N1 virus is continuing to spread. But, in Denison, prevention may be expanding just as quickly.

"All the teachers are talking about washing your hands, and everybody has hand sanitizers in their rooms," says D'Shae Dunlap, a cheerleader.

According to the CDC, H1N1 is not spreading faster than the rate of the regular winter flu.      And, when it comes to prevention, officials say listening to your mothers advice and warding off the bad germs is the best way.

"We've been doing the handwashing," says Barbara Teel, of the Grayson County Health Department. "So, we put these make believe germs on our hands. We scrub the hands real good, and then we use this black light and show them where the germs are. Then, we send them back to the sink, and they scrub their hands real good, and they come back, and we check to see if we got all of the germs off. If they've got all of them off, then we get a sticker."

Health experts say to sing your A,B,C's while washing your hands, and that should be enough time to get them clean. 

Kids were able to get hearing, vision and spinal tests at Saturdays's event, which is part of the Denison Independent Shool District's wellness plan.

- Jhen Kordela, KTEN News.