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Behind the Kitchen Door, 4/30/09


Two Sherman restaurants score "B's" on their health inspection. KTEN's Katy Blakey has more on tonight's "Behind the Kitchen Door."

Jalapeno Tree in Sherman received a "B" on their most recent health inspection - receiving 19 demerits just one shy of a "C" grade. The most critical violation came when inspectors discovered beef was not being stored at the proper temperature.

Using thermometers inspectors checked the beef being held in a cooler. It registered between 50 and 53 degrees Fahrenheit - above the required cooling temperature of 41 degrees.

Any higher and foods can become vulnerable to bacteria growth. The food was immediately discarded. Other violations included the restaurant storing insect spray beside utensils. And the rims of soda fountain nozzles were observed with a mold-like substance.

Now for you sweet tooth lovers. Inside the Midway Mall - Candy N' Lots was recently inspected. The store scored a "B" on their April 13th review. Their most critical violation pertained to a "rodent problem."

Inspectors write "rodent droppings were still observed on a shelf next to packaged cups and under the ice bin..." Health officials also asked store management to place candy and food items into rodent-proof containers, repair ceiling tiles and seal openings in the store where rodents may be getting through.

KTEN spoke to employees at the candy store over the phone. They would not offer any information on if any changes have been made and said they had no comment on their inspection.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News