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Grayson County Testing for Swine Flu


Officials with the Grayson County Health Department confirm they have sent cultures to the state lab from patients experiencing flu like symptoms here in Grayson County, as to how many, they won't say.

Denise Wardell, R.N. with the Grayson County Health Department says, "We have sent out specimens, but again there's no confirmed cases."

Wednesday afternoon a Sherman doctor tested a child for the flu. The results came back positive for un-typable flu A, which means it may be the swine flu. The doctor says the Grayson County Health Department was notified, but the department is not releasing any information.     

Grayson County Health Department PIO Amanda Ortez says, "We cannot comment to any case."     

Nurse Wardell says, "I cannot speak to any one patient at this time. I cannot give out that kind of information."     

Wardell says when a patient comes in experiencing flu like symptoms they're given what's called a "rapid test."     

"That rapid test can tell you is it's an influenza A or B."     

Once the culture is received the state runs more tests to see if it is indeed the swine flu.  If it comes back positive, the sample is sent to the CDC for confirmation.     

"If any test went to the state from any resource in the county then we would be notified if we had a positive swine flu."       

At this time it's still unknown which type  of flu the child has, or whether it's swine flu.  The health department says, if the results are positive, the public will be alerted.     

In the meantime, they're asking everyone to take the virus seriously and wash your hands.     

Vanessa Bolano, KTEN News.