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Sherman Police Department Daily Bulletins for 4/28 thru 4/29/2009


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Evading arrest 090002290

[04/28/2009 00:32 SHEAR] S. Rhoades 150  On April 27th 2009, officer was dispatched to the 100 blk E Taylor St in reference to the grocery store`s loss prevention employee who was observing a female inside the store concealing merchandise inside of her purse.  Upon the officer's arrival, the officer observed the loss prevention employee in the parking lot attempting to detain the female.  The female refused to stop for the employee.  The officer approached the female on foot.  The female noticed the officer and quickly entered her vehicle.  She backed away and the officer shouted to her to stop.  She refused and quickly drove away.  Her direction of travel was radioed to other officers.  Another officer located the female traveling in her car.  He initiated a traffic stop where she pulled over.  She was arrested for Evading Arrest/ Detention with Motor Vehicle.  Brewster, Brandy Leigh (W F, 29) Arrest on chrg of Evade Arrest / Detention (F) and Theft Over $50, was transported to the GCSO jail.

Narcotics Arrest

On 04/28/09, Narcotics and CID served a search warrant at 427 W. Pecan, the Brooks Manor Apt # 2.  The apartment belonged to Zach DAVIS and Amanda MCFARLIN.  DAVIS is the son of the manager of the apartments.  Officers located CRACK COCAINE, MARIJUANA and prescription pills inside the apartment.  DAVIS and MCFARLIN were arrested and booked into Grayson County.  The warrant was the result of an on going investigation by Narcotics at Brooks Manor.

Aggravated Robbery 090002316

On April 28, 2009 at approximately 11:05pm, a white male wearing a red sweat shirt, khaki pants, a black and white ball cap with a dark bandana over his face, robbed Sunshine Foods (106 Sunset) at gunpoint.  The handgun appeared to be a black semi-auto handgun. The sweatshirt had some type of insignia on the left chest area.  The suspect stole an undisclosed amount of cash and fled on foot. No one was hurt during the incident.

The investigations is on-going and I will release updates has they become available.

Aggravated Assault 090002319

On April 29, 2009, at approximately 12:07am, the Sherman Police Department responded to a 911 call in regards to a disturbance in the 900 block of North Maxey.  Officers responded to area and located the victim, Nicole Franklin who reported that she had been threatened with a knife.  Franklin explained that the suspect, who is an acquaintance, pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her while they were at 928 North Maxey.  In self-defense, the victim poured a bottle of 409 cleaning solution in the suspect's face and hit him in the head with a tire tool.  The victim then ran to a neighbor's house and asked that 911 be called.  The suspect chased after the victim and continued threatening to kill her.  The suspect fled the scene before officers arrived. The investigation is on-going.

Contact the GCSO for any booking photos.

Bruce Dawsey
Administrative Sergeant
Sherman Police Department

090002291 Bates, Wayne Mckinley (W M, 21)  VICTIM of Deadly Conduct (C), at 4XX E 82 Us, Sherman, TX,  on 04/27/2009, 23:13. Reported: 04/28/2009. MAULDIN, B. LW *LW30609*
[04/28/2009 01:36, BRADM, 138] BRADM 229 On 4/27/09 at 2314 hours I, Brad Mauldin 229 was dispatched to the 400 block of E Hwy 82 in reference to a vehicle crashing into the back of a business.  Upon my arrival other officers had detained the driver of the vehicle.  I was informed that the driver was chasing another vehicle through the parking lot when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the business.  I spoke with the occupants of the vehicle he was chasing who advised me that they were being chased by 2 vehicles after having an altercation with the driver`s of the 2 vehicle`s at a restaurant on Highway 75.  The incident started over a bandanna that was hanging around the victim`s rearview mirror.  The driver`s of the 2 vehicle`s who chased the victim`s stated that they were in a gang and did not appreciate the bandanna hanging from the victim`s rearview mirror.  The driver`s of the 2 vehicle who chased the victims including the driver of the vehicle who crashed into the business were placed under arrest for Deadly Conduct and transported to the Grayson County Jail. Deadly Conduct

090002296 Bills, Carl Timothy (W M, 19)  VICTIM of Theft $50<$500 (C), at 10XX S Gribble St/hub St, Sherman, TX,  on 04/28/2009, 10:15. Reported: 04/28/2009. HOUSEHOLDER, LW *LW30613*
[04/28/2009 11:58, JEREMYH, 133]  Householder  225 On 4-28-2009 at 1016 hours I was dispatched to the 1000 block of South Gribble, reference a theft. Complainant said he and a friend were at a subjects apartment on 4-28-2009.  The complainant fell asleep and someone took currency and an electronic device out of his pockets.  The items were valued at $230.00 total. I spoke to the subject at the apartment and he denied any knowledge of the theft. Theft $50<$500

090002294 Garcia, Randall Charley (W M, 34)  VICTIM of Burglary Of Habitation (C), at 37XX Heatherwood Ln, Sherman, TX,  on 04/21/2009, 00:00. Reported: 04/28/2009. HARRIS, J. LW *LW30611*
[04/28/2009 11:44, JENNIFERB] Harris 128 On or about 04/21/09 an unknown subject entered the garage of a residence in the 3700 blk of Heatherwood Lane and took property. Burglary Of Habitation

090002298 Franklin, Izetta (W F, 49)  VICTIM of Harassment (C), at 23XX Rex Cruse Dr, Sherman, TX,  between 00:00, 04/07/2009 and 14:42, 04/28/2009. Reported: 04/28/2009. HARRIS, J. LW *LW30615*
[04/28/2009 15:01, JENNIFERB] Harris 128 Since about 04/07/09 a female has been repeatedly calling, texting, and emailing a resident in the 2300 blk of Rex Cruise.  The contact is annoying and unwanted. Harassment

090002300 Marshall, Colton (W M, 19)  VICTIM of Asslt By Contact-fv (C), at 45XX Texoma Pk, Sherman, TX,  between 14:40, 04/28/2009 and 14:45, 04/28/2009. Reported: 04/28/2009. GARBACIK, K. LW *LW30618*
Asslt By Contact-fv [04/28/2009 15:35, KEVING, 43] Garbacik #104 On 04-28-09 Sherman Police were called to the 4500 block of Texoma Parkway in response to a female that was trying to step out into traffic to commit suicide. Police located the subject and learned that it was due to relationship problems with her boyfriend.  There was no attempt at suicide just the comment to get a reaction from the boyfriend.  It was also learned that the two subjects had physical contact with each other that was found to be offensive.  A report was completed in regards to the assault.

090002299 Montgomery, John Tracy (W M, 48)  VICTIM of Reckless Damage (C), at 3XX S 1417 Fm, Sherman, TX,  between 10:00, 04/28/2009 and 11:30, 04/28/2009. Reported: 04/28/2009. WOODS, C. LW *LW30616*
[04/28/2009 15:24, CODYW, 134] Woods C. 226 On 04/28/09 Officer Woods was dispatched to the 300 Blk of S FM1417 in regards to reckless damage. Upon arrival Woods spoke with the victim who stated his vehicle had been struck by an unknown vehicle in the parking lot of his apartment complex. The victim is unaware of who could have damaged his vehicle. A report for reckless damage was generated. Reckless Damage

090002302 Stevens Landscape Co VICTIM of Stealing Receiving Stolen Check (C), at 5XX S First St, Sherman, TX,  between 08:00, 04/20/2009 and 16:01, 04/20/2009. Reported: 04/28/2009. JONES, J. LW *LW30621*
[04/28/2009 16:56, JEFFJ, 55] On above date the owner of a business in the 500 block of S. First came into the lobby of the Sherman Police Department to report that one of his employees had taken some business checks from a company truck. Some of the checks were now clearing the bank as forgeries. A suspect is known and the investigation will continue. Stealing Receiving Stolen Check Juvenile

090002308 Wright, Kevin (W M, 37)  VICTIM of Theft Prop >=$1,500 (C), at 52XX Bello Vista Dr, Sherman, TX,  between 00:00, 04/24/2009 and 00:00, 04/25/2009. Reported: 04/28/2009. NORTHINGTON, LW *LW30627*
[04/28/2009 20:25, STEVEN, 70] Northington 159 On 04/28/09 at approx 1803 hrs, I Northington was dispatched to the 5100 blk of Bello Vista Dr regarding a theft.  Upon my arrival it was reported to me that property in the amount of approx $2,100.00 had been stolen from a vehicle parking in the drive of the residence there. Theft Prop >=$1,500

090002314 Carroll, Cynthia Ann (W F, 62)  VICTIM of Criminal Mischief <$50 (C), at 21XX Loy St, Sherman, TX,  between 18:00, 04/27/2009 and 18:15, 04/28/2009. Reported: 04/28/2009. RHOADES, S. LW *LW30629*
[04/28/2009 21:03 SHEAR] S. Rhoades 150  On April 28th 2009, officer dispatched to the 2100 blk Loy St in reference to an unknown person breaking a wood panel from the victim`s wooden fence.  A report for Criminal Mischief <$50 was generated. Criminal Mischief <$50

090002305 Society VICTIM of Disorderly Conduct - Abusive Language (C), at 3XX S Travis St, Sherman, TX,  on 04/28/2009, 19:08. Reported: 04/28/2009. GANN, T. LW *LW30625*
[04/28/2009 21:43, TIMG, 42] T. Gann 134 On 04-28-09 at approx. 1855, I was at the Sherman PD.  I was the court clerk for municipal court.  There was a male that was unhappy with the judges ruling on his case.  He exited the court room.  He shouted profane language in the lobby of the court room.  There were other persons in the lobby.  He was arrested for Disorderly Conduct - Abusive Language. Disorderly Conduct - Abusive Language

090002307 Society VICTIM of Poss Cs Pg 1 <1g (C), at 25XX N 75 Us, Sherman, TX,  on 04/28/2009, 17:00. Reported: 04/28/2009. MAULDIN, B. LW *LW30628*
[04/28/2009 19:29, BRADM, 138] BRADM 229 On 4/28/09 at 1843 hours I, Officer Brad Mauldin 229, was dispatched to a gas station in the 2500 block of N US 75 in reference to an employee finding what she believed to be drugs in front of the cashiers counter.  Upon arrival the employee showed me a small amount of crystal like substance wrapped up inside a piece of plastic.  The substance was field tested and tested positive for methamphetamine. The drugs were seized and there are no suspects at this time. Poss Cs Pg 1 <1g

090002304 Longmeir, Timothy VICTIM of Theft Prop >=$500<$1,500 (C), at 12XX S Elm St, Sherman, TX,  between 22:00, 04/24/2009 and 08:00, 04/25/2009. Reported: 04/28/2009. MAULDIN, B. LW *LW30620*
[04/28/2009 19:54, BRADM, 138] BRADM 229 On 4/28/09 at 1714 hours I, Officer Brad Mauldin 229, was dispatched to the 1200 block of S. Elm St. in reference to a theft that occurred between 4/24/09 and 4/25/09.  Upon arrival I was told that a trolling motor and fish finder were removed from a boat that was located in the back of the reporting party`s residence.  The property belonged to his son who had already removed the boat at the time of the report. Theft Prop >=$500<$1,500

090002313 Dewey, Jeffery Allen (W M, 19)  VICTIM of Theft 50<500 (C), at 3XX S 1417 Fm, Sherman, TX,  on 04/28/2009, 20:27. Reported: 04/28/2009. GOODMAN, L. LW *LW30630*
[04/28/2009 21:03, LEONG, 98] Goodman #193 I, Officer Goodman, was dispatched to the 300 Blk. of Hwy FM 1417 in reference to   a stolen cell phone. I was dispatched at 2025 Hrs. and arrived at 2034 Hrs. Complainant, states that girl he knew knocked on his door. She went inside and when she left his phone was missing. A report was generated. Theft 50<500

090002316 Sunshine Foods #5 VICTIM of Agg Robbery (C), at 1XX Sunset Bl, Sherman, TX,  on 04/28/2009, 23:07. Reported: 04/28/2009. NORTHINGTON, LW *LW30635*
Agg Robbery [04/29/2009 00:05, STEVEN, 70] Northington 159 On 04/28/09 at approx 2308 hrs, I Northington 159 was dispatched to the 100 blk of N Sunset regarding an Agg Robbery.  Upon arrival I learned the store had been robbed at gun point by a male.

090002318 Steele, Jordan Lee (B M, 19)  VICTIM of Agg Assault W/ Deadly Weapon Family Violence (C), at 9XX W Birge St, Sherman, TX,  on 04/28/2009, 23:00. Reported: 04/28/2009. RHOADES, S. LW *LW30636*
[04/29/2009 01:44 SHEAR] S. Rhoades 150  On April 28th 2009, officer was dispatched to the 2100 blk Texoma Pkwy in reference to several people outside of the motel room beating and kicking on the door.  Upon arrival, the suspects had already left.  The person in the room advised that he had previously been assaulted with a knife by his mother at their residence in the 900 blk W Birge.  The officer made contact with the mother at the residence and learned that she and her adult son had been arguing.  During the argument, she retrieved a knife and confronted him in a bedroom and kept him from leaving.  She verbally threatened to stab him.  The son attempted to push her out of the doorway so he could get away.  During this time he was accidentally cut on his hand.  The mother was arrested for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon Family Violence. Agg Assault W/ Deadly Weapon Family Violence

090002319 Franklin, Nichole Deonne (B F, 31)  VICTIM of Agg Assault W/ Deadly Weapon (C), at 9XX N Maxey St, Sherman, TX,  on 04/29/2009, 00:05. Reported: 04/29/2009. YOUNG, M. LW *LW30634*
On 04-29-09 at 0007 Hrs, I was dispatched to the 900 Blk of North Maxey in reference to a disturbance between two subject fighting.  I was informed that there were weapons involved.  Agg Assault W/ Deadly Weapon

090002317 Nelson, Randall Deshawn (B M, 35)  VICTIM of Assault Causes Bodily Injury (C), at 21XX Texoma Pk, Sherman, TX,  between 23:30, 04/28/2009 and 23:36, 04/28/2009. Reported: 04/29/2009. MAULDIN, B. LW *LW30633*
[04/29/2009 01:02, BRADM, 138] BRADM 229 On 4/28/09 at 2338 hours I, Officer Brad Mauldin 229, was dispatched to a fight in progress in the 2100 block of Texoma Parkway.  Upon arrival I was advised that one of the employees of the restaurant was assaulted when he tried get 2 intoxicated customers to leave the premises.  The suspects were identified and a report was made for Assault Causes Bodily Injury. Assault Causes Bodily Injury

090002290 Brewster, Brandy Leigh (W F, 29) Arrest on chrg of Evade Arrest / Detention (F), at 1XX E Taylor St, Sherman, on 04/28/2009. RHOADES, S. AR *AR7072*
Evade Arrest / Detention

090002297 Ballew, Mallory Nicole (W F, 18) Arrest on chrg of Larceny-theft - Shoplifting (M), at 4XX E Us Hwy 82, Sherman, on 04/28/2009. MELSON, J. AR *AR7073*
Larceny-theft - Shoplifting

090002305 Montgomery, Bradley Austin (W M, 17) Arrest on chrg of All Other Offenses (M), at 3XX S Travis St, Sherman, on 04/28/2009. GANN, T. AR *AR7075*
All Other Offenses

090002318 Peters, Luveter Irene (B F, 44) Arrest on chrg of Agg Assault With Knife (F), at 9XX W Birge St, Sherman, on 04/29/2009. RHOADES, S. AR *AR7074*
Agg Assault With Knife